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Supercharge Your Creativity & Remove Writer’s Block Forever!

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Want to break writer’s block forever? This jam-packed writing & plot prompt guide is all that you need!

Getting you creatively inspired, unblocked, and ready to write is what this reference tool is all about.

From the #1 bestselling Amazon author who created the 4.3 star rated writer’s guide, All About Copywriting: 55 Easy Edits to Improve Your Writing Skills Forever, this 50K word reference tool is bursting at the seams with prompts to help you start writing and start writing now! Thousands of inspiring ideas, ideas that are all yours and free to use in any which way you want.

We’ve all been there. Sat down and eager to write only to find that we’re annoyingly blocked. Feeling inert and uninspired is a place that writers know all too well. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned author, writer’s block can strike at any time. Indeed, for some writers, that period of not knowing what to write, or an inability to just get started, can be a frustrating part of their process. But what if there was a simple and easy way to simply blast through writer’s block and get those creative juices flowing again? What if you had access to over 3000 open-ended, intriguing and imaginative writing prompts? And what if you also had access to a simple and easy technique to create your own?

Take control of writer’s block and never suffer from it again

This jam-packed reference tool will not only bombard you with creative writing and plot ideas, but it will also show you how write your own prompts. Prompts you can be working on when commuting, when stuck in a queue, or even when visiting the toilet! Prompts and ideas that you can develop without the pressure of having to write.

Why should you buy this book?

This 3000 Writing & Plot Prompts reference tool and guide is a must-have for blocked writers who just want to get on and write without all that mucking about staring into the distance and hoping inspiration will strike.

3000 Writing Prompts

Here are a few random prompts from the guide:

· After going missing, your child returns extraordinarily gifted.

· Young people are dying from an inexplicable wave of heart attacks.

· There is something weird about the other students in your class.

· You find a half-written novel in the attic of your house. You will do anything to find out how it ends.

· A dead person speaks to you in your dreams.

· You accept a gift from a stranger you helped.

· You are sent to arrest a superhero.

· You steal from your best friend as a joke but what you find alters your friendship forever.

· You know this person is bad for you, but they get you so very hot.

· A psychiatrist believes they can hear the thoughts of their patients.

· You take full responsibility for a series of heinous crimes, but was it really you?

· After a disagreement with their agent, an actor is sent on a very unusual audition.

· A new person joins your social group, and everyone assumes that they are someone else’s friend.

· You arrive in a foreign country to meet up with a new lover, but they are not there to meet you.

· Art thieves steal a haunted painting.

· A red liquid, like blood, is leaking from the attic room, but you cannot locate where it’s coming from.

· Lovers met each other in a happy accident but things were not as they seemed.

· Genetically modified crops are targeted by an arsonist.

· A woman in childbirth is surprised to be locked in an isolated room and guarded by armed soldiers.

· A new puppy causes mayhem.

· You have an idea for a perfect crime but need an accomplice you can trust. Who, out of the many people you work with, will you choose? And how can you sound them out without giving the game away?

· Some of the many moons of Jupiter appear to be on fire.

· You are an unpopular but super-intelligent student. How do you use your brains to go out with the most desirable person on campus?

· A wizard hides in the mind of an autistic child.

· You cause a fatal accident but when you confess, no one believes you.

· You are accused of revenge porn after an intimate video of an ex gets online.

· You do a favour for a friend and end up in jail.

· You finally get to go out with the person of your dreams but find yourself in a nightmare.

· A person wakes up every morning to find they have a new tattoo.

Feeling inspired to write? Then this guide is already working for you!

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