All About Copyediting


Want to add punch to your prose? Follow these 55 simple edits and improve your writing forever!

Getting readers past page one, despite your ‘explosive, fast paced hitting-the-ground-running opening’, is what this guide is all about.

Available in Ebook and Paperback

Applying the 55 easy editing steps to your fiction will allow reviewers and readers to evaluate your novel purely on the strength of your story and not on clumsy and weak prose, overuse of adverbs, repetition, and flabbiness. And in the process, you will learn to become an experienced and competent editor.

Use these 55 steps to:

Find redundant adjectives and overused adverbs

Banish boring words

Learn dialogue writing

Write characters more effectively

Discover over thirty overused words and phrases such as that, it, up/down, was/were, had, even, got, etc.

Reduce overuse of exclamations and the ellipsis

Use italics, quotations, and capitalisation properly

Target word pairs and homophones

Improve your proofreading and editing skills

Handle numbers and time effectively

...And discover more about flow, show not tell, writing tenses, dialogue handling and more.

All About Copyediting will not tell you how to write a novel, nor how to write like Tolstoy, or any other author. It will certainly not explain how to write bestselling fiction, how to make money, or guarantee you marketing success. What it will guarantee, is to give your novel the best chance it can get in a tough, competitive, and new publishing world.

All About Copyediting by K.J.Heritage


"An indispensable guide for amateurs and professionals of any theme of word-based creation."

"This is a very useful and easily understandeable guide for new writers trying to self publish"

"A very useful tool to have on hand."

"A must read for any writer to avoid sending a clanger of a draft to a reviewer or publisher! Great value."

"The style is clear and accessible. This is a book that I have found invaluable as I rewrite and revise my fiction drafts. Highly recommended"

" you simple, clear rules and 55 easy steps to check your book for. It won't turn a poor writer into a great one, but it will help you avoid common mistakes and give you tools to turn telling into showing"

"An extremely useful guide for editing manuscripts, written as a set of editing tips."

"This is a great resource for authors. I have used it and it works. I highly recommend this book. Great!"

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