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From the Indie Side brings together some of the biggest authors in independent publishing today, including Hugh Howey, Michael Bunker & Peter Cawdron. 

A man who remembers the future and a veteran haunted by his past. A witch ignorant of her powers and a vampire achingly aware of his emptiness. An unmaimed man, a cursed queen, a troubled marriage, a family just trying to survive.

From an abandoned convent to a Martian classroom, an open-mic reading to a New Mexico mountaintop, these fantastical and imaginative tales will take you on a journey through impossible worlds, all-too-possible futures, and disquieting glimpses into the other side of reality.

Packed with original short stories ranging from sci-fi to thriller to the supernatural, "From the Indie Side" brings together some of the biggest authors in independent publishing today.

Be prepared for a great ride—and don’t be surprised if you discover your new favorite author in these pages.

Featuring Michael Bunker, Peter Cawdron, Kate Danley, Anne Frasier, Sara Foster, Jason Gurley, Mel Hearse, K.J.Heritage, Hugh Howey, Ernie Lindsey, Susan May, and Brian Spangler; and edited by David Gatewood.

Includes a foreword by Hugh Howey, New York Times bestselling author of Wool.

"When I read indie fiction, authenticity oozes from the page. Sample some unique and talented voices . . . sit back and enjoy the ride." – Hugh Howey author of Wool

". . . it is a great book. It is one that you will want laying in the stack next to your bed or chair or sofa or desk—wherever you read—because you will want to read it over and over throughout the years." – Michael Bunker, bestselling author of Wick

Featuring my story: Gyre-Witchery

(also found in my Short Story Anthology: The Lady In The Glass)

All Tam wanted was to be loved. Was that so hard? Made outcast because of her green eyes—the sign of witchery—Tamina, a well-meaning simpleton, is shunned by a superstitious people who blame her for the ills that have overtaken their small island.

It was not her fault that she put on weight while the others starved, or that wild animals slunk at her side, or that men and women both desired and despised her.

But change was coming, brought upon the back of a terrifying squall… 

From The Indie Side
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