Shattered Web


Trapped on an insane Company bioship with a dead crew, murderous survivors and heading for certain destruction…just another day at the office for Vatic

Available in Ebook, Paperback & Hardback

Experimental Company bioship, the CSS Ariadne, has cut all communications and launched herself into hyperspace—heading towards enemy territory and certain destruction if she cannot be stopped.

The crew managed to send out an SOS before the Ariadne disappeared. Someone was murdered… but who?

Vatic, a Skilled empath in the reluctant employ of the Company, is drugged and forced to board the rogue ship. He arrives to find the vessel full of corpses, a small band of suspicious survivors, and no explanations.

Our hero soon realises that not everyone who survived is as they seem. There is an imposter aboard, but who is it, and what are their motives?

Vatic must use all his talents if he and the ship are going to survive.

But survival is what the Skilled do best... isn't it?

Shattered Web by K.J.Heritage


"full of twists and turns like going down a rabbit hole"

"Awesome story - interesting and entertaining!"

"Very well written and extremely captivating! Fantastic"

"Vatic book two was a great story"

"Mr. Heritage has done it again"

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